Hot Tub Service and Repair in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley

Is your hot tub not heating up? Has the pump gone out? Maybe you hear strange noises when you turn on the jets? Our hot tub service and repair technicians are fully trained to repair all makes and models of hot tubs and spas. Even better — we can most likely troubleshoot your hot tub or spa issue right over the phone, and at no cost to you. But, if turns out to be something bigger, such as a pump failure, or leak, we can schedule you in for a hot tub repair right away.

The rumors are true; we have some of the best hot tub repair technicians in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley. Master Spas® of Northern Wisconsin technicians fix the industry’s most innovative and technologically advanced spas and hot tubs in the country. And, our techs pass annual re-certifications to ensure they are up to speed with all the latest technologies, ensuring no guesswork goes into your repair. Let’s just say they really know their stuff.

Let’s Repair that Hot Tub!

“Did you try to restart it?” — that’s something you wont’ hear from our technicians. We understand the brains and all the mechanical features that make your hot tub work. If you’re in Fox Valley, we can help troubleshoot and repair all the parts of your hot tub or spa, including:

  • Diverter vales
  • Air blowers
  • Ozonators
  • Pumps
  • Heaters
  • Filter
  • Power supply
  • Pillows
  • Jets
  • Drain
  • LED lighting system
  • Shell
  • …and much more

Whew… that’s a lot of parts that go into making your spa or hot tub work correctly. Fortunately, we have fully stocked vehicles — all ready to swap out malfunctioning spa parts quicker than you can play Marco Polo in your hot tub (that’s pretty fast).

Instead of waiting for your hot tub to break down (or replacing it part by part), why not schedule preventative maintenance instead?

Schedule Hot Tub Maintenance in Milwaukee or Appleton

When you schedule hot tub maintenance, the Milwaukee or Appleton technicians of Master Spas® of Northern Wisconsin will go over every feature of your spa or hot tub. We don’t just look — we test every single part of your spa or hot tub to ensure the whole system is synchronized, functioning properly, and ready for another year of enjoyment.

It’s easy — just contact Master Spas® of Northern Wisconsin and we will help you protect your investment (and fun) for many years to come — give us a call, today!

“Help, I Need a Hot Tub Repair Near Me!”

We have locations in Appleton and Milwaukee, making it easy to get a spa or hot tub repair near you. It’s really that easy. Simply give us a call at one of the numbers listed below to reach one of our regional service centers:

  • Appleton (Northern Wisconsin): (920) 727-8827
  • Waukesha/Milwaukee (Southern Wisconsin): (414) 607-8827

In many cases, we can troubleshoot your hot tub problem over the phone, saving you time, money, and frustration.