Hot Tub Chemicals Care Guide

Master Spas® of Northern Wisconsin can help you resolve a variety of chemical-related hot tub care concerns, such as cloudy water, dirty filters, hard water, and other nasty stuff that can delay your evening dip in the hot tub.

But, fear not; Master Spas® of Northern Wisconsin is here to answer all of your hot tub chemical maintenance and care needs with this handy-dandy chemical care guide.

If you can’t resolve your issue with the information outlined on this page, simply give us a call. We may able to solve your problem right over the phone.

To get started, simply complete the phrase below to troubleshoot what kind of chemical issue you are having:

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Cloudy water: Cloudy water is typically caused by organic contamination, such as body sweat, oils, antiperspirants, lotions, etc. — these can all make your water cloudy — but, it can also result from a lack of sanitizers, such as bromine or chlorine being used. To resolve this issue, shock-treat your hot tub or spa with a non-chlorine shock and adjust the sanitizer levels.

Dissolved chemical solids: A clarifier can help remove dissolved chemical solids from your spa or hot tub.

Balancing my pH and alkalinity: This can get tricky; shocking the water too much can cause a rebound effect, which can throw off the pH balance, or “alkalinity” of your spa. To correct this matter, use test strips to determine the present pH levels of your spa, then apply a pH increaser or decreaser to bring it back to stability.

Hard water and calcium deposits: The simple solution is to use a sequestering agent every week, then replace some of your spa water with softer water. Of course, the easiest way to do this would be to install a water softener, but we can also recommend other treatment methods in the short term.

A dirty filter: Master Spa Parts offer a filter-cleaning hose attachment accessory to remove build-up on your spa or hot tub’s filter. It’s a small investment that will save you a lot of money on replacement filters.

Maintaining my hot tub: Master Spas® of Northern Wisconsin can supply the chemicals needed for hot tub maintenance, or even have one of our technicians provide hot tub chemical maintenance on a regular basis. It’s easy; just give us a call today to get started!