Hot Tub Troubleshooting Guide

Master Spas® of Northern Wisconsin — along with our shop in the Greater Milwaukee area — offers hot tub troubleshooting and repairs for a variety of common (and not so common) issues.

We can help you resolve a number of hot tub problems — even those complicated varieties that have to do with spa and hot tub controls.

Nothing Works on My Spa

1. Check the display on your control panel to see if there is a message. If a message is popping up, check out the diagnostic section of your spa’s user manual. From there, you will most likely see what action should be taken to resolve the issue.

2. If no message is appearing on your control panel’s display, locate and reset the GFCI and house breaker. Your GFCI switch will most likely be in a weatherproof box near the spa, but no closer than five feet (to protect it from splashes).

3. Still can’t resolve your spa issue? Feel free to call our team or a nearby hot tub service company.

My Pumps aren’t Operating

If it sounds like your pumps are trying to operate when you push your control panel’s “JETS” button, here are a few solutions:

1. Check to make sure all slice valves are open.

2. See if your pump simply needs to be primed.

3. Make sure your air controls are in the open position.

4. If you are still not able to resolve the issue, you may want to contact your nearby spa or hot tub service center.

I Keep Tripping the GFCI

Your ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is there for your protection and is required by the National Electrician Code (NEC). If your GFCI keeps tripping, this may mean one of your spa components has an electrical issue, such as power fluctuations, faulty wiring, or even a faulty GFCI breaker. Generally, the best solution would be to ask your spa company to recommend an electrician with spa and hot tub experience.

Jets aren’t Pushing as Much Air/Water

1. Check to see that your pump is still functioning.

2. Make sure there is enough water in your spa (up to minimum safe water level side).

3. See that the jets and air controls are both in the open position.

4. If your filters are dirty, be sure to clean those (if necessary).

My Spa isn’t Heating Up

If your spa isn’t heating up and you haven’t tripped the breaker, go through the following steps to diagnose and resolve the issue:

1. Check for any diagnostic information on your control panel. Your owner’s manual should help you identify the specific issue.

2. Check the water temperature that’s been set up on your control panel.

3. Are the filters dirty? Be sure to clean these if necessary.

4. Make sure your spa’s “heat mode” is set to “standard” mode.

5. If the heater light / thermometer icon on your hot tub’s control panel is lit, give the hot tub a reasonable timeframe to noticeably warm up.

6. If you recently re-filled your spa or changed out parts, make certain the pump has been primed and all slice valves are in the open position.

7. At the point of your GFCI breaker, reset the power.

8. Still no heat? Contact your local service center to schedule an on-site repair.

Please note, if your spa’s heater has failed, it will most likely trip the GFCI breaker.