Clarity Spas & Hot Tubs

Clarity Spas Provide Hydrotherapy and Relaxation


Clarity Spas’ unique hydrotherapy features deliver a world-class day spa experience in your own backyard. They feature ergonomic seats fitted with hydrotherapy jets to help you soak away the stress of the day and rejuvenate your senses. These hot tubs also feature a dazzling kaleidoscope of LED lighting features to create a perfectly tranquil nighttime atmosphere.

With showrooms and service centers in Appleton and Waukesha, you’re just a short drive away from finding the perfect model of Clarity Spas in Wisconsin. Bring clarity and peace of mind to your life by experiencing this life-changing hot tub for yourself!

Clarity Spas & Hot Tubs Collection
Spa Features:

Master Spas® Clarity Series is designed to be the pinnacle of relaxation and aquatic therapy. Master Spas® clarity” is the culmination of years of engineering research to create “clarity of mind, body, and spirit.” With these and many other features you can totally surrender to all the thera-peutic benefits the Master Spas® Clarity series has to offer:


Designed to be more than a sight to the eyes, the
Clarity series features form-fitting seating areas that
perfect contour to the bodies of you and your guests.


With hydrotherapy jets directed to the neck and
shoulder areas, this may become the most popular
seat in your hot tub. The powerful, adjustable hydro-
therapy jets work away all the stress of the day and
leave you in a perfectly tranquil state of mind.


EcoPur® water filtration and purification systems helps to reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine required to sanitize your hot tub. This system uses zinc and copper to naturally filter heavy metals and micro-organisms.


This soothing water feature subtly adds aural and
visual relaxation benefits.


The fully adjustable LED lighting system works to harmonize all your senses.


Through advanced engineering, Master Spas® has
created a hot tub that is drastically less noisy and vibration-prone.

Relax in your therapy spa!

To learn more about the amazing features of the Master Spas® Clarity series, download a brochure (PDF), or take a closer look at the specific Clarity hot tub models available. Also, be sure to visit us in Appleton or Milwaukee to see Clarity Spas and other Master Spas® models in person!