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Choose from the Best Swim Spas in Wisconsin

If you’ve been looking at the many swim spas for sale in Wisconsin, you’ve finally hit your ‘A’ stroke by finding our website. When it comes to swim spas, those made by Master Spas® are simply the best you’ll find on the market today. So, it’s no wonder 23-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps lends his namesake to Michael Phelps swim spas, and shares the limelight with the H2X® series of swim spas.

Now that you’ve found our website, why not visit one of our showrooms?

We have two showrooms and service centers in Appleton and Greater Milwaukee. We’re here to help you find the information and accessories you need to take your swim spa experience to the next level. Whether you’re looking at swim spas for their unique health benefits, or to up your competitive swimming game, Master Spas® of Northern and Southern Wisconsin is here to help.

So, what’s so unique about our swim spas? Just ask the top competitive swimmers; unlike other swim-in-place systems, our swim spas’ water-injected propulsion systems are specifically designed to maintain and improve your swimming form — whether it’s a breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, or butterfly.

Michael Phelps Swim Spas

Beyond the European-styled designs are some of the most innovative technologies ever to find their way into a swim spa. With seven unique models from which to choose, the friendly staff at Master Spas® of Northern and Southern Wisconsin can help you find the perfect Michael Phelps swim spa.

H2X® Swim Spas

H2X® swim spas feature innovative insulation and filtration systems — all in compact, groundbreaking designs. With clean, Euro-centric styling, you’ll look forward to your swim-in-place or aquatic exercise routine every day!

Swim Spas: The Unique Health Benefits

With our Wisconsin winters, an outdoor swimming pool simply isn’t practical to use for daily exercise. But, swim spas from Master Spas® allow you to receive all of the health benefits — without all the shivers.

Some of the most touted health benefits of swim spas include:

  • Full-body exercise: Swimming is one of the few exercises that works all of your muscle groups.
  • Easy on joints: When exercising in water, you feel nearly weightless, which is great for those who suffer from joint pain.
  • Low-impact cardio: Your buoyancy in water allows you to safely perform many exercises that are great for your heart and circulatory system.
  • For the fun of it: How can we mention all the physical health benefits without adding in all the mental health benefits of using your swim spa? Swimming is the only full-body exercise you can perform every day without compromising your joints and muscles — and one that burns fat and increases serotonin (your brain’s “happy hormone”).