Hot Tub and Spa Sizes

As you may know (or may not!), hot tubs come in a variety of different sizes in order to accommodate your individual needs. Spa sizes can range from fitting 2 people all the way up to 8 – comfortably! Here at MSWI, we offer the following hot tub sizes and brands:

  • 2-3 Person – Ideal for couples or personal use
  • 4-5 Person – Perfect for families
  • 6-8+ Person – Great for entertaining

Any of the above hot tub brands are available for you to purchase here on MSWI. More information on all sizes and brands are found below, and all spas are available for purchase – please contact us today!


Hot Tub Size Ranges

Seat 2-3 Persons

Your own personal hot tubs! The Two-person hot tubs include the Nordic Series. Three-person spas include Healthy Living and Twilight Spas.

Seat 4-5 Persons

Ideal hot tub for families! The four-person hot tubs include Getaway, Healthy Living, and Twilight Series Spas. The five person spas include Michael Phelps Series, Healthy Living and Twilight Series.

Seat 6-8 Persons

The roomiest hot tubs of them all! These hot tubs include Michael Phelps, Clarity Spas, Twilight Series, and Healthy Living Spas. Our biggest offering is the Michael Phelps LSX-900 which fits up to 8 people!