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With industry-leading designs, engineering, and all the latest advancements in filtration and insulation, the H2X® swim spa series from Master Spas® remains the industry’s standard-bearer in quality, reliability, and value.

There are numerous advantages to exercising in a swim spa. For one, swim-in-place routines exercise the whole body. This means you are not just strengthening individual muscles, but working out all the interconnecting muscles and tendons for true full-body strength.

Your H2X® swim spa will include fully adjustable resistance levels to complement your fitness, training, and exercise goals.

For in-depth information on this unique line of swim spas, Master Spas® of Northern and Southern Wisconsin invites you to check out the latest H2X® swim spa models and download the brochure (PDF). There are many H2X® swim spa options available, suitable to all needs and budgets.

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H2X®: Master Spas® Design and Performance

The H2X® swim spa series isn’t just all about high-performance technologies; the series’ sleek, European-inspired designs complement just about every home décor.

The H2X® from Master Spas® has so many merits as a swim spa that it’s easy to overlook its many notable health and relaxation features of the series, such as the Xtreme™ Therapy Seat and Xtreme™ Therapy Cove (XTC), and the numerous jets to massage your hips, thighs, calves, and lower back.

Superior insulation and energy efficiency equal year-round enjoyment of your H2X® swim spa — even in Northern Wisconsin!

But, let’s not forget H2X® swim spas also help to form the ultimate backyard getaway for your family and guests. There are also premium options to consider — ones that will bring your H2X® from Master Spas® to the next level. These premium options include:

  • SoftTread™ non-slip comfort floor system (optional)
  • Mast3rPur™ water management system (optional)
  • Wi-Fi remote control (optional)
  • Deluxe Fusion™ sound system (optional)
  • …and more

The Beast and the Beauty: H2X® Trainer Series

The H2X® Trainer Series is a dual swim spa and hydrotherapy spa all in one cutting-edge package. With two areas specifically designed for fitness and leisure, you can train hard and then relax in a hydrothermal spa.

H2X® Trainer 19 and Trainer 19 Deep take the experience to a whole new level, with separate, insulated training and hydrotherapy basins.
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