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About the H2X Trainer Swim Spa Series

With industry-leading designs, engineering, and all the latest advancements in filtration and insulation, the H2X® swim spa series from Master Spas® remains the industry’s standard-bearer in quality, reliability, and value.

There are numerous advantages to exercising in a swim spa. For one, swim-in-place routines exercise the whole body. This means you are not just strengthening individual muscles, but working out all the interconnecting muscles and tendons for true full-body strength.

Your H2X® swim spa will include fully adjustable resistance levels to complement your fitness, training, and exercise goals.

For in-depth information on this unique line of swim spas, Master Spas® of Northern and Southern Wisconsin invites you to check out the latest H2X® swim spa models and download the brochure (PDF). There are many H2X® swim spa options available, suitable to all needs and budgets.

H2X Swim Spas Collection
  • Down shot of Trainer 19
    • Water Capacity: 2,280 Gallons (8,631 L)
    • 48 (Including 4 VIP Jets)
    • Dimensions: 231″x 94″ (587 cm x 239 cm)
  • Trainer 19 H2X Swim Spa
    • Water Capacity: 2,010 Gallons (7,609 L)
    • 48 (Including 4 VIP Jets)
    • Dimensions: 231″x 94″ (587 cm x 239 cm)
  • Trainer 18 H2X Swim Spa
    • Water Capacity: 2,235 Gallons (8,460 L)
    • 43 (Including 4 VIP Jets)
    • Dimensions: 215″x 94″ (546 cm x 239 cm)
H2X® Swim Spas Provide Health and Performance Benefits

The H2X® from Master Spas® has so many merits as a swim spa that it’s easy to overlook its many notable health and relaxation features of the series, such as the Xtreme™ Therapy Seat and Xtreme™ Therapy Cove (XTC), and the numerous jets to massage your hips, thighs, calves, and lower back.

But, let’s not forget H2X® swim spas also help to form the ultimate backyard getaway for your family and guests. There are also premium options to consider — ones that will bring your H2X® from MasterSpas® to the next level.

These premium options include: SoftTread™ non-slip comfort floor system (optional), Mast3rPur™ water management system (optional) Wi-Fi remote control (optional), Deluxe Fusion™ sound system (optional) …and more!

The H2X® Trainer Series is a dual swim spa and hydrotherapy spa all in one cutting-edge package. With two areas specifically designed for fitness and leisure, you can train hard and then relax in a hydrothermal spa. H2X® Trainer 19 and Trainer 19 Deep take the experience to a whole new level, with separate, insulated training and hydrotherapy basins.

Bring Home Your Own H2X Hydro Massage Spa Hot Tub

To learn more about the H2X Swim Spas, check us out in person at one of our two Wisconsin locations in Appleton and/or Greater Milwaukee area! Also, download the H2X Swim Spa brochure (PDF) today!