Choosing the Best Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover will keep your hot tub looking great and providing comfort and relaxation for you and your family. Are you looking for a traditional hot tub cover? Do you want the sleek look of an aluminum cover like the Smartop Cover with hydraulic lift assistance? Perhaps you are ready for the ultimate in relaxing spa experiences with an automated cover like the Covana Automated cover? When it comes to choosing the best hot tub cover for your spa, Master Spas of Wisconsin will match you with the cover that fits your lifestyle.

Types of Hot Tub Covers

There are three main types of covers for your hot tub. Of course, you will want to think about affordability and durability when choosing the best hot tub cover for your lifestyle. Don’t forget to think about things like: How easy does it need to be to get on and off? What kind of maintenance is required to keep your cover in good condition?

Soft Spa Covers

Soft spa covers are made of a durable, vinyl fabric that is stretched over the spa and fastened to the cabinet. An air-filled vinyl pillow is placed underneath so the cover won’t sag and collect rainwater. While soft covers can be an affordable and lightweight option, they have no thermal value. Without insulation to hold in heat and prevent excess water evaporation, you may have higher operating costs for your spa and more wear and tear on the pump and heater.

Hard Spa Covers

Hard hot tub covers are made by wrapping a foam core in vinyl usually with a hinge in the middle. They are made to fit the specifications of your hot tub exactly, which helps to seal the edges of the hot tub.  Hard spa covers may require more than one person to lift (as they can be heavy and awkward), and the foam cores can absorb water if the outer material is punctured.

Aluminum Spa Covers

Lightweight and long lasting, these hot tub covers are made by sandwiching a Styrofoam core between aluminum plates and wrapping the edge with an aluminum border trim. Since they can be hard to put into place alone, many aluminum covers are offered with hydraulic lift assistance. For example, Master Spas of Wisconsin offers the Smartop Cover which boasts an attached hydraulic lifter. This hassle-free cover allows the user to open the hot tub with one hand and stabilizes the cover in an upright and locked position. The Smartop Cover’s durable construction and water-resistant foam resists mold and mildew and provides you with an odor-free spa experience.

Deluxe Hot Tub Covers

Take your spa experience to the ultimate level of comfort and relaxation with a fully automated cover. These spa covers consist of one piece that is lifted straight up. It only takes a turn of the key and 20 seconds later your hot tub is open. A water-tight seal means reduced spa heating costs for you.

Covana Automated Covers

Covana Automated Covers come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit a huge range of spa types. Available in a variety of designs from the sleek and modern Covana Evolution to the elegant gazebo top of the Covana Oasis with fun LED lighting system, they will handle all types of weather conditions. The Covana Horizon model from Master Spas of Wisconsin offers a sleek aesthetic that protects you from the sun’s rays with a tilting option.