How To Measure for a Hot Tub Cover

How can you tell when it is time to replace your spa cover? Hot tub covers that are ripped or no longer fit correctly because of wear and tear should be replaced. Chances are if your hot tub cover has become increasingly heavy to lift it is becoming water saturated. There is no repair for a water-logged cover. Why wait for your cover to fall into disrepair? A new style or color of hot tub cover is just what you need to give your whole backyard a fresh look.

Even the best maintenance will not save a vinyl material hot tub cover from the effects of sun and water. Over time, you may notice the vinyl has become ill-fitting by shrinking or warping. For this reason, you will want to use your hot tub for measurements when possible. Use the old cover only if necessary or to confirm your measurements from the hot tub itself.

Whatever the shape of your hot tub, you will be measuring from “lip to lip” or outside edge to outside edge of the acrylic. If you would like, you may add 1” to your measurements to allow ½” of wiggle room to each side of your cover for ease of use.

First, measure across the hot tub where the cover will fold. Your second measurement will be to measure around the entire outside edge of your spa to get the diameter. IF you have a circular spa, you are ready to measure the radius. Other shapes –square, rectangle, hexagon– will need the measurement of one of the individual sides.

How to Measure for the Skirt

Some hot tub covers will include a vinyl skirt that comes down to protect the edge of the hot tub acrylic that would be exposed to the weather. To measure for the skirt, simply measure from the top of the acrylic to the bottom of the lip.

Many hot tubs are round or have rounded corners so a radius measurement must be used. Don’t be intimidated! It’s quite simple to measure. It’s important to remember not to add any “wiggle room” to the radius – it must be precise.

The simplest way to measure the corner radius of a hot tub cover is with a carpenter’s square. Place the square on the corner of your hot tub. The distance from the inside corner of the carpenter’s square to the point where it first comes into contact with the side of the hot tub equals the radius of the rounded corner. If you do not have a carpenter’s square, you may use a Radius Chart to find the correct measurement.

If you’d like to take all the guesswork out of finding a perfect fitting hot tub cover, opt for a custom-made cover. Ordering a custom-made hot tub cover gives you the fun of changing up the look of your hot tub with lots of great colors to choose from. Choosing a custom hot tub cover gives you the convenience of online ordering and the assurance of working with a specialist to make sure you get a stylish, well-fitting cover to protect your hot tub.