Energy Efficient Green Spas by Master Spas

In this competitive world, all businesses are striving to reduce their carbon footprints by adopting various green methods. Master Spas of Northern Wisconsin makes every effort to be environmentally friendly by offering a variety of “Green” spas. The company is open to learning and executing earth friendly techniques and approaches, and following green practices at every stage. Each spa  is constructed using energy efficient and eco-friendly techniques and materials.

Every Master spa model features a polymer base and Icynene foam insulation for high heat retention and the cabinet is finished with a beautiful, maintenance-free material. The energy conservation practices and efforts reduce carbon emissions and carbon footprints for the spa. The plastic used in the making of these green spas is recyclable up to some percentage and recycling attempts are well carried by Master Spas of Northern Wisconsin.
Giving due respect to water conservation, green spas have efficient technology, fixtures and filters to make utilization of available water resources. Additionally, these spas are equipped with quality  and long lasting parts. This provides your spa with a longer useful lifespan. 

It is ensured that no harmful pollutants are emitted into the environment while these spas are manufactured or operated. Also, special attention is given to the quality of the spa parts and supplies, assuring that these parts meet international quality standards. Master Spas of Northern Wisconsin is taking care of every aspect to accomplish their social responsibility towards the community and the planet.