Bar Harbor SE

With 25 jets and a cascading waterfall, the 5-person Bar Harbor SE brings all the amenities you’d expect in a portable hot tub and then some, all at an affordable price. This lightweight hot tub turns any destination into a resort-like vacation!

Seating capacity: 5 Adults
Dimensions (inches/cm): 87″ x 87″ x 35″(221 cm x 221 cm x 89cm)
Gallons: 385 gallons (1,460 L)
Dry Weight: 542 lbs (246 kg)
Full Weight: 4,795 lbs (2,175 kg)
Pumps: Single Pump
Number of jets: 25 Stainless Steel Jets
Filtration: EcoPur® Charge with Ozone System
Electrical Requirement: 120 Volts w/GFCI
Cabinet: DuraMaster Espresso
Comfort & Convenience: 3 Pillows, Colorscape LED Lighting, Cascade Waterfall
Listing Number: 1760
Premium Option: F W L J

Getaway Hot Tubs are available in three colors:


  • sterling_silver_shell

    Pebble Beach

  • Sierra_Shell

    Sand Dune

  • Sierra_Shell

    Sea Salt

Match the color of your spa with the
skirting of your choice for a distinctive
combination that’s truly your own.
Choose from the standard DuraMaster
Premium polymer skirting or the
MasterTechTM skirt that has the look of
real wood, but is virtually maintenance
free. For the ultimate in luxury, choose
the convincing DreamStoneTM
synthetic rock skirt.

STANDARD DuraMaster Premium

  • duramaster_portabello_skirt


  • duramaster_espresso