Hot Tub Buying Guide

Have you been dreaming of owning a hot tub or spa? Whether you are a first-time owner or replacing an older model, it can be overwhelming with the many designs and features available. Let this hot tub buying guide from Master Spas of Wisconsin help you find the perfect hot tub or spa for you!

Types of Hot Tubs

Do you dream of sliding into your hot tub at the end of a long workday to soothe your tired muscles? Are you imagining the fun a swim spa would add to the next family gathering or thinking about the health benefits that a spa can provide? One of the first questions you’ll need to answer when you shop for your hot tub or spa is: “How do you plan to use it?”

Hot Tubs – Put the Aaaaahhhh in Relaxation

Today’s hot tubs with their filtration systems, pumps and heaters are a technological marvel compared to the wooden barrels of hot water of the earliest hot tub users. The ergonomic lounger seats and full body jets in the Twilight Series of spas create a total relaxation experience.

Spas — Health Benefits & More

As spas have evolved through the years, the variety of spas and features geared to improving the health and wellbeing of spa users has grown greatly. Hydrotherapy or the therapeutic use of water has been used to relax muscles, improve sleep and range of motion, promote stress management and treat poor circulation, arthritis and rheumatism. (Of course, you should always check with your doctor before using a spa for therapeutic use.) The Healthy Living Spa collection uses a bio-magnetic therapy system in tandem with hydrotherapy to encourage natural healing.

Swim Spas – the Do-It-All Solution

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly have a lot of new friends after installing a state-of-the -art swim spa! Most swim spas combine a larger pool area and a hot tub area with seats and multiple jets. Customizable water resistance and high-quality engineering allow you to exercise your whole body with swim-in-place routines. Get a great workout and improve your cardiovascular health all while giving up much less space and money than you would with an inground pool. Whether you are a serious swimmer or looking for the perfect family fun center, a swim spa like the MP Force Deep Michael Phelps Swim Spa could be the perfect solution.

How to Choose a Spa


If you know where your hot tub is going to be placed, it’s a good idea to head to the showroom with some measurements in hand. Don’t worry if you don’t have a large area, many smaller models exist to give you a spa experience even in tight spaces. Think also about how many people will be using the spa. Will a smaller 2-3 seat model like the TS 240 Twilight Series Spa be enough? Need lots of seating? You can always gain more seating by skipping the reclined lounge-style seating as they did in the LSX 900 which comfortably seats seven adults.


When planning your spa budget, look beyond the initial purchase of your new hot tub. Other items to consider might include: What kind of hot tub cover will I use? What chemicals or other accessories will keep my spa looking new? Sometimes a little more cost upfront will lead to increased savings over the life of your hot tub. If energy efficiency is important to you, consider what type of heater, pump and insulation is included. Operating a hot tub doesn’t have to mean a large increase in your electric bill.

Electrical Needs

Will you be able to run a 240V hardwired connection to your spa? Spa models that require a 240V hardwired connection will heat faster and stay hotter longer. Don’t worry if you cannot provide a higher voltage connection – many models come with a 120V “Plug and Play” connection. If you think you might need to move your hot tub in the future, a 120V “Plug and Play” connection will make the moving process much smoother.